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Three Generations Of Women Back Under One Roof, Ready To Put Past Behind Them

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Three generations of women, once living on the streets of Stockton, are back together again under one roof, hoping to live a life far away from drugs and alcohol.

They are part of an intense program at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission that helps end drug addiction and puts them back on track.

Underneath a bridge along March Lane and I-5 is where Barbara Aguilera, 58, called home for years. It was also the place where she first used heroin to forget about her worries.

"Forget about the pain, the physical pain and the emotional pain of being out on the streets, losing my house, losing my family, losing everything that I work so hard for in the first place," said Aguilera.

Aguilera's daughter, Lindsey was also living on the streets in Stockton. She became addicted to methamphetamine and even used during her pregnancy. After Lindsey's daughter was born, the courts told her to clean up, or she would lose her parental rights.

"That is not something I wasn't willing to give up so; it scared me being able to surrender to get clean and that was the first time I walked into these doors," she said.

Both women along with Sirreen, 7, ended up at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. They are three generations currently enrolled in programs to help get them back on their feet.

There are many people in our community who live on the streets, but leaders at the center say only a small amount find the strength to walk through those doors and start their lives again.

"We have these women that are broken, some with CPA (Child Protection Agency) cases or from the hospital, or different places and they are broke. They have no future, and we are able to help them love themselves, so they can find their future," said Jaime Morris, Women's Addiction Counselor at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission.

The center offers counseling services to women and men, an opportunity to develop work skills and a second chance at life.

"We don't always see success, there's women that come back three or four times before they get it, but when they do it's all the better. It amazing," she said.

Both women have been sober for the last year. Through the programs, they have learned to live again and plan to start looking for new jobs and a new home.

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