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Teens Face Lifetime Of Consequences Following Arrest For Sex Tape

SHINGLE SPRINGS (CBS13) – A sex tape investigation on a local high school campus has led to the arrest of two teen boys, but is leaving parents shaking their heads.

"That's an embarrassment that can last a lifetime," said mother Erika Barnes.

Those are potential consequences three Ponderosa High School students face after investigators arrested two teen boys accused of making and distributing a sex tape.

"The parents have got to be heartbroken. I can't imagine that being something a girl would want to be taped," said Lynne Randolph, a grandmother.

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Investigators say the girl engaged in sex acts with a boy from school, both minors, while another underage boy filmed it.

The boys now face criminal charges of disseminating child porn, sexually exploiting a child and conspiracy to commit a crime. They are charges John McGinness, a retired Sacramento County Sheriff, calls appropriate when dealing with minors.

"Maybe they're not offended by it, but the law protects them. In some cases it protects them from themselves," McGinness said. "And at no point can anyone consent to the dissemination of graphic sexual material involving a minor child."

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McGuinness says the penalty will likely come in the form of some jail time and probation. But the worst, he believes, lies ahead.

"Are these people going to be disadvantaged by what they've done? I think the answer to that question is an overwhelmingly yes – and that's what the laws are intended to prevent," McGuinness said.

Parents say the lessons shouldn't stop with law enforcement. They should continue with education – in particular, education of "cyber bullying."

For now, school officials have declined to comment for this story.

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