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Roseville Teen Gives Christmas Trees To Patients At UC Davis Children's Hospital

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Anna French and her family are loading up special and specific gifts for young patients at UC Davis Children's Hospital.

"We are giving Christmas kits to children in the hospital," French said. "We have 60 kits full of Christmas trees, stuffed animals and accessories to decorate them."

French was treated at the children's hospital two years ago for lupus, which left her bedridden during Christmas. She made sure her room was filled with Christmas spirit.

"You feel more comfortable being around not just hospital equipment but something that actually reminds you of how it was decorated at home," French said.

For the last two years, she's been creating Christmas tree kits for the kids at the hospital who are currently in the same situation she was in two years ago. It's all a part of her website,

Her mom Tai is beyond proud of her daughter.

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"Anna can empower herself to do things despite having lupus and it just feels like quite the turnaround," Tai French said.

The family loaded up a U-Haul on Thursday and drove to the children's hospital to drop off the tree kits. Hospital administrators and her mom say Anna is doing something that embodies the Christmas spirit.

"She can kind of come from a place of experience. So she understands how she wanted her Christmas to feel while here in the hospital and so I think it's just amazing," Katherine McDonald, program coordinator at UC Davis Children's Hospital, said.

Anna knows the value of a little Christmas cheer for these patients.

"Sometimes a string of lights and a tree, it doesn't fix anything, but it sure I don't know adds a little cheer to the situation," French said.

French and her mother told CBS13 the 60 kits were worth $75 each. They were able to get the funding through donations from the community.

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