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Placer Sheriff's Deputy: Crashes Happen At Tahoe-Truckee Airport Too Often

TRUCKEE (CBS13) – A  small plane went down in Truckee Tuesday morning, just minutes after take-off.

Officials with the Truckee-Tahoe airport district say two people were on board but only one survived, even after the Cirrus SR20 airplane deployed its parachute.

Audio could be heard over air traffic control airways.

"We might have lost an aircraft. Yeah yeah. Her parachute is deployed. We've got a red parachute right below my right wing," a voice could be heard on the recording.

According to Truckee-Tahoe Airport District, the plane went down a mile and a half away from the airport. Only one person survived.

"It's a plane crash, it doesn't happen every day it's not a normal occurrence," said Danny Kruck, who lives in a neighborhood blocks away from the airport, which is full of people who work in the area.

"We live close to the airport. I have a friend that's a pilot right down the street," he said.

He says that in such a tight-knit community, news of the crash traveled fast.

"There were people talking and texting immediately when it happened. Word travels fast," he said.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office responded to the initial crash, which Lt. Nelson Resendes said happen far too often.

"It seems to be an annual event -- for small planes to go down in that area. The Truckee airport specifically," said Lt. Resendes.

We asked the sheriff why the plane went down so soon after takeoff.

"That airport...the dynamics of the landscape, the lack of air density, and the wind patterns are very difficult to fly in," said Lt. Resendes.

According to officials, both people on board the plane were considered pilots. It's unclear who was in control of the plane when it crashed.

Officials say it is a concern when crashes like this happen that fuel from the plane will leak or fire will start on the ground. Neither of those situations occurred.

The National Safety Transportation Board is taking over this investigation.

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