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Stockton Tracking Locations Of Midnight Gunshots This New Year's Eve

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton revelers wanting to ring in the new year by shooting their guns in the air might want to holster their plans, thanks to a new technology in the hands of police.

Stockton Police Department rangemaster Alan Lambertson fired a powerful weapon for our cameras to show what comes up, must come down.

"Fire into the air or in any unsafe direction, the projectiles can travel over a mile," he said.

They're trying to curb the dangerous and sometimes deadly tradition of opening fire on the sky to mark the beginning of a new year.

Stockton Police will have Shotspotter in use to help pinpoint where shots are being fired this year to help track the sound to the weapon that fired the bullet.

"If our officers get on scene and catch you firing your weapon, you will be spending the night in jail," said Officer Joe Silva.

Last year, 911 dispatchers answered about 400 calls of people reporting gunshots. Reckless discharge of a firearm is a felony offense.

"We've had calls of bullets going through rooftops, vehicles, and there's a high risk of serious injury, or even death because of this," Silva said.

If convicted, a reckless shooter could face fines and up to three years in prison.

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