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Stockton Shooting Victim Speaks After Returning Home From Hospital

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A father shot seven times in Stockton has returned home to continue his recovery.

Bobby Gayle Jr. was released from San Joaquin General Hospital Tuesday afternoon after being shot nearly two weeks ago. He told CBS13 that he is grateful to be alive and for the love and support from his family and younger brother Dr. Marlon Gayle.

Marlon has not left his side from the moment Bobby was rushed to the hospital.

"I knew that this would have been the same young man who would've been dressing me for a funeral, putting me in a casket with a suit on. It could have easily been turned around the other way," he explained.

Bobby shared his message of love and says he has no hate in his heart for the man accused of repeatedly shooting him while allegedly calling him racial slurs outside a Stockton bank on October 8.

"I didn't want no hate living in me or anything like that because it was making my stomach hurt," he said.

Bobby says he was just finishing up a construction job that night when he saw the man police later identified as Michael Hayes driving erratically and speeding. He says he told the man to slow down and was met with bullets flying towards him—seven pierced his body.

"The whole time I was thinking like 'Why me?' " he said when asked what he would tell the accused shooter.

During his time in the hospital, Bobby says all he could think about was his faith, family and staying strong for his five children. And he's proud that hate never defeated him.

"This was my soul on the line. Let's go show the world it's about love, too. I said 'OK, hate has no room in my heart, hate does not live here,'" he said.

Bobby can't wait to reunite with his children. He plans to write a book about his faith and survival.

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