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Stockton Officer Shoots 2 Out-Of-Control Pit Bulls That Attacked Neighbor's Dog

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Police say an officer was forced to shoot two dogs that were attacking another dog.

The incident happened Saturday morning at a home near S. Hunter and E. 4th Streets. According to the Stockton Police Department, an officer was called to the scene on a report of two vicious pit bulls.

At the scene, the dogs' owner contacted the officer and said that the two pit bulls had broken out his yard and went into his neighbor's yard. The dogs were attacking his neighbor's dog, the owner said.

Police say the owner had asked his neighbor to shoot the pit bulls. One shot had been fired into the ground to try and scare the dogs, but it had no effect.

The officer then went into the yard and saw that the pit bulls were still attacking the other dog. The officer then shot the pit bulls, killing one at the scene. The other was euthanized at the hospital.

Police say the dog that was attacked has been taken to the hospital. Its condition is unclear.

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