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Stockton Considering Expanding Shotspotter Gunshot Detection System Trial

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The city of Stockton is considering expanding the use of a computer program that can pinpoint where gunshots are being fired in the city.

Shotspotter pinpoints where a shooting happened through the use of sensors that detect when shots are fired.

Stockton Police have been using the program on a small trial basis, and say they're already seeing results.

"Since August, we've seen a 50 percent reduction in the amount of gunfire incidents in that area," said Chief Eric Jones.

The department and the company's CEO shared success stories of the trial as the police department is looking for funding to keep using and possibly expand Shotspotter's coverage area in the city.

"It could be through fundraising donations, maybe through grants with the assistance in other state and federal agencies, as well as freeing up other city funds.

Shotspotter CEO Ralph Clark attended University of the Pacific and has a strong connection to the crime-ridden, bankrupt city.

"Stockton had a very soft place in my heart. We wanted to be here, in ground zero," he said.

The detection system—which is in use in six California cities, including Oakland and Richmond—can cost up to $65,000 per square mile per year. Covering more than 60 miles of Stockton could cost more than $4 million a year.

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