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Newsom's Proposed Budget Cuts Includes 10 Percent Pay Cut For State Workers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A portion of Gov. Gavin Newsom's proposed $6.1 billion state budget cuts includes a proposed 10% pay cut for all state workers.

The governor said he is set on the pay cuts even if he can't get unions on board. Included in the governor's budget proposal was a provision to impose reductions if the state cannot reach an agreement.

"Asking across the board from state leaders for 10% contribution in wages looking for additional 5% efficiencies in sectors of government across the board," Newsom said in his daily coronavirus news conference.

Budget cuts are trickling down from the state legislature to the capitol's core union workers and Custodian Supervisor Jonathan Murry said he's disappointed with the governor's decision.

"You have to come to work every day and then your reward that you get after everything is over with is take two days off unpaid or take a 10% pay cut," Murry said.

The legislature has one month to make final decisions with the budget needing approval by June 15.

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