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Dognappers take Frenchie out of Sacramento backyard

Dognappers take Frenchie out of south Natomas backyard
Dognappers take Frenchie out of south Natomas backyard 02:22

SACRAMENTO -- A south Natomas family is calling on thieves to return a beloved family member: a French Bulldog named Zeke.

The dog was stolen out of their backyard, near Northgate Boulevard, on Wednesday at around 11:30 a.m., according to the dog's owner, who said the family didn't realize they'd been robbed until a Sacramento police officer knocked on the door. 

"I just thought it would never hit home," Zekee's owner said. "Now that I'm experiencing it, it's not a good feeling."

Surveillance video caught three men approaching the back fence of the home. One of the men goes over the fence, and when he is next seen on surveillance footage, he has Zeke under his arm while running away from the home. 

A neighbor, the dog's owner said, noticed the three men and called to them to stop — which is when they ran, as surveillance video showed. 

The dog, who is four years old, is a purebred, which the owner knew may put him at risk of being stolen. Then it happened -- still a surprise because the dog was in the family's fenced-in backyard when he was taken. 

"I hope they find it in their hearts to realize that they messed up and I'm willing to not press charges if they return the dog. You know, I'm called to forgive," said the dog's owner. 

French bulldogs are the second-most popular breed in the U.S. and have become increasingly targeted due to their monetary value. Puppies can range from $4,000 to $6,000 or more. But even still, Zeke's owner told CBS13 he is hopeful the thieves will have a change of heart and return the family pet. 

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Zeke should contact the Sacramento Police Department. 

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