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Solano County seeking out centenarians to honor in upcoming celebration

Solano County officials looking for centenarians for celebration
Solano County officials looking for centenarians for celebration 01:53

SOLANO COUNTY — Solano County has a very special celebration coming up for people who are 100 years old or older, better known as centenarians.

Stories of those who have come before us, stories of wisdom — these are stories county Supervisor John Vasquez is determined to preserve and share.

"You don't know how to move forward if you don't know where you come from," he told CBS Sacramento. "These folks have had 100 years of life experience, they've seen a different world than you and I and have managed to survive through it."

This year marks the 17th year Solano County will be celebrating its local centenarians. It's a tradition that has grown every year and has recognized more than 225 people. In fact, Vasquez has been able to celebrate several of his grade school teachers.

"As someone who's born here and grown up here, to be able to acknowledge a first-grade teacher and second-grade teacher is a blessing to me, an honor I will always cherish," he said.

Two people have even reached supercentenarian status, reaching the age of 110.

"The happiness they bring to us, it is such a joy," Vasquez said is the biggest takeaway from all of this.

After garnering knowledge from centenarians over the last nearly two decades, Vasquez said the secret to a long life is, "I think because they stay engaged, they continue to keep their mind active, they care about their community, they care about their family. It's really not a big secret to life itself. Enjoy life."

An official date for the celebration hasn't been set, but if you know someone who's 100 years old or older and lives in Solano County, officials are asking you to call  707-784-3004 or email by September 4.

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