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Sign Shenanigans Distract From Davis City Council Race

DAVIS (CBS13) - A City Council race is getting ugly in Davis in a battle over campaign signs.

Sue Greenwald has spent the past 12 years on the City Council, two of them as mayor, and she says this race is by far the dirtiest.

"There's been more attacks, more pack activity, more special interest money," she said.

And that doesn't even get into the campaign signs. "They've been ripped, they've been stomped, they've been thrown in the bushes, they've been stolen," she said.

But a former volunteer's photos show something else. In Bernie Goldmsith's photos, Sue's signs clearly cover signs of candidates Dan Wolk and Lucus Frerich.

"I noticed a bunch of signs I had seen for awhile went missing so I stopped, took pictures of blocked signs, then I looked in bushes and saw Wolk signs mangled up and thrown in there," Goldsmith said.

Sue admits a volunteer did it - who happens to be her husband.

"He took the other candidates' signs, placed them in the ivy, took my sign and placed it up and took the other candidate's sign and placed it in back of it," she said. "I told him 'Don't touch any candidate's sign."

She says he let his frustration get the best of him and wrongly covered up two signs. But she also tells CBS13 most of the pictures posted on Facebook were staged.

Goldsmith denies that.

"I just came out here and took photographs of what I saw," he said. "I'm very disappointed in the contention that any sort of staging took place."

Wolk said sign saga really isn't a big deal to him.

"I'm not focused on lawn signs and these lawn-sign shenanigans," he said. "I'm not really worried about it. Our campaign is going great. I find it all to be a bit of a distraction, a bit silly."

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