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Sierra Snow: Sacramento Family Stuck in Tahoe, Snowplow Driver Digs Out Vehicles

STRAWBERRY (CBS13) — Snow in the Sierra blanketed trees, grassy knolls, hillsides and the rooftops of cars and buildings, and for the first time Thursday, many areas got a break from the storm.

In that time, a Sacramento family who has been stuck in Tahoe for two days was able to get back down Highway 50 and home.

"We came up to find a Christmas tree and we got stuck in Tahoe for a couple days," said Lydia, a mother from Sacramento.

She said their family wasn't able to drive home because of road closures and she didn't feel comfortable with "a car full of kids," so they waited.

That meant they needed the right clothing. They found a hotel, and nearby, a local business who gave them jackets, gloves, and warm clothes until they could get home.

"Lake Tahoe Thrift, he was super nice, he was like oh you're stuck here? Here's some socks. He discounted everything for us. He was an amazing person," said Lydia.

On another part of Highway 50 in Pollock Pines, a private snowplow driver spent more than 12 hours over the last week clearing roads, driveways, and helping where he could. He works for a construction company during the year, but in major winter weather events, the company transforms to keep the roads safe.

"It feels good you always feel good when you help somebody, especially when they're sitting here trying to offer you money. You say, 'No, you're good, you're good, it's nothing,' " said Nicholas Gray, private snowplow driver.

Gray added that on Thursday alone he dug out two trucks that were stuck in snow -- something he said doesn't happen often, but enough for him to carry special equipment just in case.

CHP and CalTrans confirmed there were no reports of drivers unable to get out of snow, or requiring emergency assistance to be dug out on I-80 and Highway 50.

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