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Shoppers Camping Out Early To Ensure They Get Black Friday Savings

ELK GROVE (CBS13) - Black Friday may still be days away but shoppers are already camping out, waiting for those door-buster deals.

The Best Buy in Elk Grove is lined up with tents, despite the wet weather. Shoppers say the early bird gets the worm.

"I'm very excited," said Angelika Owen.

Owen hopes to get her hands on the good deals.

"An Xbox, a TV and a computer," said Owen.

A Black Friday shopping veteran, she's set up, and she's not the only one.

"I wanted to be first in line, but I'm second," said Owen.

These savvy savers plan to wait, and wait, and wait, and then, wait some more.

Not everyone would sleep in a tent for five days, but Owen says it's worth it.

"I love the savings," she said.

And between her nine family members, they split up shifts so they can still work. Come Black Friday, they expect to save thousands.

"The economy is really bad, so why not do whatever you can?" said one shopper.

Not even the storm will keep them from a good deal.

"This is actually a heavy duty tent. It's an eight person tent, so it's pretty heavy duty," said Owen. It stays pretty warm in there."

Others say maybe it's going too far.

"I have a bed, and there's nothing I need that's so important to sleep on the street for," said another shopper.

The doors open at midnight on Friday.

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