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Several Trees Vandalized At Park In Rocklin

ROCKLIN (CBS13) - If they're caught, it's a felony. Rocklin police are trying to track down whoever vandalized more than a dozen trees at one of the city's parks. We went to Boulder Ridge Park to talk with police about why they are taking this act so seriously.

Damage is estimated at more than $1,000. Police say Rocklin is known for its beautiful parks. They don't want this happening at another one, and they're taking to social media to try to send a message.

Boulder Ridge Park is looking a little emptier Saturday evening now that not one, two, three, four, or five trees had to be cut down. But 13 were damaged overnight by people who may not have realized the cost of their crime.

"Early estimates are over $1,000," said Rocklin Police Department Sgt. Gilbert Farrulla.

Park goers are noticing.

"This is a nice park. I'd like to see some nice trees, you know," said Ryan Peterson, a Rocklin resident.

"I think it's bad because trees are put us here for a reason," said Richard Chavez, a parkgoer.

The vandals bent and snapped trunks. Branches were broken. Public works crews have already tried to clean up the damage and repair the trees that may survive. But if the culprits are caught, they could face felony vandalism charges.

"Over $950 in damage is considered a felony in the state of California," said Farrulla.

Police are now taking to social media, posting pictures on their app, twitter, and Facebook, looking for a lead.

"Typically in cases like this, somebody brags about it or makes comments to somebody about it and then it gets around," said Farrulla.

One thing that is getting around is how seriously police are taking this crime. That's already changed the landscape of this park.

Many of the trees will need to be replaced or replanted.

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