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Series Of Dead, Decapitated Animals Found At Sacramento Park Puzzles Police

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police are searching for help after a series of dead animals, including some that were decapitated, were found in a park.

Four animals—a lamb, tortoise, goat and chickens—have been found in Reichmuth Park over the last two months either in a box or in paper bags.

"How do we explain it? we're not quite sure," said Gina Knepp with the Front Street Animal Shelter.

Every other week for the last two months, one dead animal after another have been found scattered around the park.

"It could be religion; it could be ceremonial; I'm not familiar with that and frankly, I don't care. It's not legal," she said.

The disturbing trend started Jan. 8 when a dead goat was found in a box. Then, headless chickens were found in a brown bag near the tennis courts, followed by a dead tortoise on Feb. 1. Another grisly discovery came on Tuesday with a decapitated lamb.

Park regulars say it can attract a questionable crowd at night, and worry these violent acts could escalate from animals to people.

"That's pretty concerning. I mean, at least to us, because I don't want to be around dead animals, and I don't ever want to see a dead animal," said Collin Konowoo.

Nearby residents are being asked to report anything suspicious.

"We hope that people watch this and somebody knows something and will come forward," Knepp said.

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