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Sacramento State Employees Just Being Notified About August Security Breach

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The personal information of nearly 2,000 Sacramento State employees may have been compromised after a computer system was breached.

News of the August breach is just trickling out. It took the university about a month to figure out the scope of the breach and are only this week reaching out to affected employees.

Around Aug. 23, officials say they noticed a server housing the personal information of 1,800 university staff members had possibly been breached. That information included social security and driver's license numbers.

Around Sept. 23—a full month later—they figured there was reason to believe the information had been accessed.

More than three weeks later on Monday, the university finally started sending out letters to staff members. A representative from the school said they needed those three weeks to get those letters ready.

Employees expressed concern over being victims of the breach.

"I'm worried and concerned and hope I'm not one of them. There's about 1,800? So there could be a good chance I am one of them," one employee told CBS13.

So far, no one has experienced any types of identity theft based on the breach, but there's no telling who has that information and what they will do with it.

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