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Sacramento Deputies Arrest 3 For Alleged Skimming Scam And Identity Theft

gas pump inside
An opened gas pump panel reveals a skimming device. Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - On Wednesday, the Sheriff's Hi Tech Crimes Detectives arrested three suspects for burglary and identity theft.

A month long investigation involving sheriff's detectives, CHP, the Sacramento Police Department, San Joaquin Sheriff's Department, and the FBI, resulted in the arrests of Gagik Verdyan, 34, Mihran Hakobyan, 27, and Karine Khachaturyan, 20, who allegedly installed skimming devices and stole thousands of credit card numbers.

Detectives recovered thousands of credit card numbers, hundreds of counterfeit California ID cards, counterfeit credit cards, and skimming devices.

Gagik Verdyan, 34, Mihran Hakobyan, 27, and Karine Khachaturyan, 20, allegedly installed skimming devices at gas station pumps. Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

Officials believe the majority of the skimming devices were installed inside gas pump panels.

Opening the panels did not disrupt service or trigger any alarms; and it only took seconds to install the skimming devices.

The devices were undetectable from the outside and were only noticeable when the panels were opened.

Detectives are notifying banks and their customers of the stolen credit card numbers and ask that gas station operators check all their equipment.

If a skimmer is found, operators are advised to not touch or remove the device, and contact local law enforcement.

Each suspect is being held pending bail of $2,000,000 or more.

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