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City Of Sacramento Passes Ordinance Fining Property Owners For Illegal Fireworks

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento city council has passed a new ordinance designed to crack down on illegal fireworks that targets property owners.

On Tuesday, the council passed the ordinance that fines property owners where illegal fireworks are being used. People who use illegal fireworks on streets and sidewalks in front of people's homes can also be fined.

The initial fine would be $1,000 and go up to $5,000 for multiple violations.

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City leaders say that because tickets would be sent by mail instead of in-person, police officers would not be the only ones who could issue citations.

"We can actually use our code officers and administrative officers to cite people who are hosting parties and shooting off illegal fireworks," said Councilmember Eric Guerra.

Despite Sacramento County having fireworks laws, over the 2020 July 4 weekend, neither the Sacramento Police Department nor the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office issued any citations. At least none were issued by the following Monday, when CBS13 filed its earlier report on citations. However, the police department noted that officers seized "some" fireworks.


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