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Sacramento Atheist Group Posting 55 Billboards To Encourage Nonbelievers To 'Come Out'

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Billboards with messages from a local atheist group are going up all around Sacramento to reach those of a similar mindset during the Christmas season.

It's Christmas time, yet one group thinks this is a great opportunity to get its anti-Christian message out.

"Christmas time, we have Jesus stories come out right and left. So it is a good time to let fellow non-believers know it is OK to be an atheist," said Judy Saint, Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Saint and her atheist organization are putting up 55 billboards around Sacramento, beginning Monday, to promote another option during the month of December.

"I think there are a lot of myths out there about atheists that need to be broken. We need to dispel these myths. We are good, moral people," said Saint.

To change the perception, members wrote slogans to tell those passing by in their cars why they no longer believe in God.

Father Michael Kiernan of Our Lady Of Assumption says everyone has a right to express how they feel, but he politely disagrees with their message.

"I'm sure God is a bit displeased with things like this, but he must also get a little of a chuckle of it because it is funny to be denying the one's existence," he said.

There is irony in this as well; Judy's last name just happens to be Saint. While she may no longer believe in God, she still follows some Christmas time traditions.

"We grew up with this," she said.

A Christmas tree stands in her living room, and a Charlie Brown nativity scene is not far away. Symbols of peace and joy, Saint hopes these billboards bring the same to those still questioning their beliefs.

"We are not out to affront anything, not out to challenge anything or anybody, not out to say we know anything. We are just talking to fellow nonbelievers to come out of the closet. It is OK," Saint said.

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