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Sacramento City Council Approves 'Safe Ground' Ordinance For Homeless

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Dozens of tiny homes will soon be coming to Sacramento. City council members approved a plan Tuesday afternoon to help house the homeless.

The Sacramento City Council approved the "Safe Ground" ordinance to allow homeless encampments where up to 80 people can sleep in tents, vehicles or tiny homes.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg is pushing to open 63 tiny homes within 50 days, which the council will vote on next week.

This plan is all part of the city's push to better address the growing homeless problem in Sacramento and map out public and private properties across the city where the homeless can be housed. While no official sites have been approved, we know they will be at least 500 feet away from any residence.

Sites that have been discussed in the past include an Amtrack train station parking lot, a gravel lot on Front Street, and a garage on Capitol Avenue and 21st.

"We just need to show the community that there's fair share, that this is not just a city-wide problem but a city-wide solution." Sacramento City Councilmember Jay Schenirer said.

Tuesday's vote is separate from the city's larger homeless plan known as its "master plan" which the city council will finalize and approve in June.

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