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Sacramento Airport Stuffed With Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Across the country, millions of people are expected to travel Wednesday by car, train and airplane.

For many, it was an early wake up call as they tried to avoid the mad dash at Sacramento International Airport.

"I was telling my husband this morning, it's the busiest weekend of the year. We have to hurry up," said Cindy Amaral.

The shuttle buses were packed, the terminals were crowed, and there were long lines at security gates.

"I got there kind of late, so there was pretty long line trying to get through the security check," said Robert Lim.

AAA says 3.14 million people are expected to fly over the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

"I don't tune into that part at all," said Lisa Bertaccini. "I just think about where we're headed and I look forward to that."

Back East, travelers aren't looking forward to the bad weather that has caused many flights to be canceled.

"I have two kids that are out there and it took our son seven hours to drive from South Carolina to Virginia," said Amaral. "Actually, it took him nine hours. It should have taken him six hours or so. So, it's out there, it's bad."

But not bad for Paige Smith, who gave herself ample time to get to the airport.

"I was not too nervous just because I had a friend who was flying at 6 (a.m.). So we were at the airport by 4:30 and my flight wasn't until 7:20," she said.

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