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Retired Cop Allegedly Recorded Secret Sex Videos Of Housesitters

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — A retired Vacaville police officer is now on the wrong side of the law. Bryan Neal is facing charges that he recorded secret sex videos of his houseguests.

Vacaville police arrested Neal at his house with a warrant after their investigation found he secretly recorded video of a couple unclothed and having sex. The victims were allegedly house-sitting for Neal, at his request.

Brian Neal is accused of secretly recording his house sitters having sex.

CBS13's Steve Large went to Neal's house and was there as Neal arrived home and got out of his SUV.

"Mr. Neal? I'm Steve Large, CBS13," Large said. "Can you tell me anything about the charges against you?"

Neal did not answer. Instead, he turned straight to his front door with a woman who was with him.

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"Ma'am? Large said. "Is there anything you'd like to say?"

"No comment," Neal said.

Neal and the woman with him walked into the home and closed the door.

The woman in the videos allegedly discovered them on a computer in the home and called the cops.

Vacaville Lieutenant Chris Polen is the lead investigator in the case. He says investigating a one-time colleague has been difficult.

"Whenever you have to deal with your own, that's retired, and go to their house, and place handcuffs on them, it's difficult," Lt. Polen said. "It's not easy for anybody."

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As police investigated, they also learned Neal was allegedly calling his victims and trying to stop them from testifying against him.

"There were comments made, that were not threatening in nature, but did alarm the victim and/or witness," Lt. Polen said.

Lt. Polen worked with Neal when both served together in the Vacaville Police Department. He says Neal was known as a good officer. This case comes as a shock to the whole department

"I was very surprised, yes," Lt. Polen said.

A retired officer, with decades of service fighting crime, now has a mugshot of his own, along with a criminal investigation centered on him.

Neal is due in court for the first time on the charges against him, January 11.

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