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Report: Newsom to attend Republican presidential debate in support of Biden's re-election campaign

Why could Gov. Newsom be speaking at Republican presidential debate?
Why could Gov. Newsom be speaking at Republican presidential debate? 02:02

A new report says Governor Gavin Newsom will be at the Republican Presidential debate in Simi Valley next week, speaking for President Biden's re-election campaign.

Newsom spoke at a United Nations meeting this week. Next week, Newsom will be deployed by the Biden administration to serve as a spokesperson, offering counterpoints to Republican candidates, Axios reports.

CBS13's Steve Large spoke to political strategist Doug Elmets about Newsom's presence.

Steve: "Why would Gavin Newsom want to be at the Republican Presidential debate?"

Elmets: "This is a great opportunity for Gavin Newsom to continue to increase his national profile."

Former Ronald Reagan aide Elmets says Newsom's attendance at the debate helps Biden deliver democratic talking points.

"He's quick on his feet, he's smart," Elmets said. 

Elmets says it also puts Newsom in a position to replace Biden if the President does not become the nominee.

"Should Joe Biden trip or fall he wants to be the person that's there to not maybe lift him up, but maybe stand in his place," Elmets said. 

Newsom has praised the Biden administration and has said he has "sub-zero" interest in running for president.

His presence at a presidential debate will lead to more questions about his ambition.

The governor's staff did not respond to a request for a comment about the Axios report.

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