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Quarantined Passengers Critical of Travis Air Force Base 'Camp Corona'

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE (CBS13) — People inside the Travis Air Force Base Coronavirus quarantine are describing a poorly-planned operation they call "Camp Corona."

Robert Archer, 65, and Robert Graham, 61, are two of the 800 people quarantined at Westwind Inn on Travis Air Force Base. Asked how they would use to describe what they were going through right now, and they both picked the same word — "hell."

"We're surrounded by chainlink fences and there's armed guards outside," Graham said.

Besides describing stark surroundings, the pair also described a scene inside with little regard for isolation. Photos show the quarantined passengers sharing common space, lining up together for food and drinks, and sitting at tables in close quarters.

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"This is not my idea of a quarantine situation," Archer said. "They're sitting in common areas, eating their meals taking their masks off while they're eating in very close proximity to each other."

Congressmember John Garamendi is calling out the federal government for the conditions.

"I mean, this is just gross incompetence when you have people that were possibly infected and you had specifically put them into a situation where they would be isolated," Garamendi said. "What we see right now is what is actually happening."

People inside the so-called "Camp Corona" quarantine all disembarked from the Grand Princess cruise ship earlier this week after California's first coronavirus death came to a patient who contracted it on board.

From an infected cruise ship to concerns of a haphazard quarantine. People being kept inside Travis Air Force Base now have questions about how their health and safety are being handled.

"It was a free for all the way it was organized," Graham said.

The Department of Health and Human Services did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the quarantine.

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