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People Protesting Stephon Clark Decision Shut Down Arden Fair Mall

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The day after District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced the officers involved in the Stephon Clark would not face charges, was an emotional day for many. Protesters staging a sit-in at Arden Fair mall. They started Saturday night, and continued through most of the day on Sunday, shutting down the mall.

At one point, one protester went so far as to climb on top of the mall. But for the most part, it was a peaceful demonstration, bringing together people from all different backgrounds.

"As a Sacramento police officer hopefully I want to bridge that gap of community and police officers come together as one because that's the only way Sacramento will become better," one protester said.

Meanwhile, the Clark family held a press conference today, addressing the protesters and the community.

"Everything peaceful that's done we support it but Stephon is more than just protests. Stephon is legislative change. Stephon is communities being united. Stephon is dreams being fulfilled. Not just a kid who died in his grandmother's backyard," Stephon's brother, Stevante, said.

That legislative change is A-B 392. Stevante Clark says he supports the assembly bill that would limit the circumstances allowing officers to use deadly force.

He also says he wants to put politics aside, as his family plans the Stephon Clark Legacy Weekend. He announced four days of community events, leading up to March 18, marking one year since his brother's death.

"We all need healing. Not just the Clark family was affected by this but the whole Meadowview community, Sacramento community, and the national community was affected by this," Clark said.

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