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Placerville Farm Donates Christmas Trees To People In Need Amid Pandemic

PLACERVILLE (CBS13) - You'll pay a pretty penny for a Christmas tree, but some can't afford one this year. Many are struggling with less or no work during the pandemic – that's why Fudge Factory Farm is donating Christmas trees to people in need.

"We're just happy to be able to do this for our community and for the people because it's important to have a Christmas tree," said owner Seana Hartsell.

Leticia Maynard has a holiday hardship of her own. Her mom is battling brain and lung cancer. Her holiday goal is to make Christmas more than perfect. She wants to make it memorable.

"We honestly don't know how much longer she can make it. They told us just a couple months. I'm just trying to make it the most comfortable holiday she can [have] right now," said Maynard. "I want her to remember everything, remember the holidays. Even if she does pass away tomorrow at least we have a Christmas Tree for her to decorate."

Maynard works at Fudge Factory Farm. Hartsell didn't have to look far. When she learned about the family struggle of one of her own, she stepped up.

"I don't want to give them a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I want them to have a big beautiful tree," said Hartsell.

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Leticia already knows the money she didn't have to spend on a Christmas tree will now help her parents pay for medical costs.

"They've been driving to go to radiation and chemo and doctor's appointments so with them very strapped for money and both of my parents are retired," said Maynard. "I was very, very thankful. I mean, how else are you going to get a free tree? Trees are so expensive right now and not everyone has the money to do it."

The Fudge Factory Farm is a small family-owned business. Hartsell said they couldn't give too many away, but they wanted to help their community in any way they could.

"It was our way to be able to give back for what everyone else has done by patronizing our business and helping us get through this," said Hartsell.

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