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Pipe Bomb Found In Truck Is Second Discovery In Tracy This Week

TRACY (CBS13) — Police found a bomb inside a truck in Tracy after a routine traffic stop a block away from an elementary school.

Neighbors first noticed the small white truck at 7:15 a.m. with a driver inside who appeared to be slumped over the steering wheel.

Two hours later, police and the bomb squad surrounded the neighborhood.

Tracy Police say the first officer to arrive reported a man and woman inside the truck who looked suspicious. When the officer searched the truck, he found an explosive.

Police were blocking the streets when Sandy Suon returned home from the store.

"We came back to the house and seen a fire truck at the school and two policemen around the corner," she said.

Tracy Police say the device they found appeared to be a pipe bomb. They called the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office to safely detonate it a few feet from the truck.

Police took the man and woman from the truck into custody. Neighbors say they now feel safe, but wonder what the couple planned to do with the bomb.

"I didn't freak out until I came out here and saw everything," said Lindsay Walker. "We have the average robbery now and then but big bombs like this doesn't happen here."

The couple is not under arrest, and police say they're still being questioned.

This is the second time this week an explosive was found in Tracy. Police won't say if this case and the one at a local motel are connected.

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