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Perfume Marketed To Benefit Breast Cancer May Contain Toxic Chemicals

BURLINGAME (CBS) - The 'Susan G. Komen for the Cure' foundation is selling a perfume called "Promise Me" to raise money for breast cancer research. The only problem, the perfume contains chemicals categorized as toxic. And now, one advocacy group is asking for the product to be taken out of stores.

Ani Safavi is a mom from Burlingame, California that never leaves home without wearing a little perfume. She tested out the latest scent from 'Susan G. Komen fore the Cure' called Promise Me.

"It's soft, feminine, floral. I find the scent very appealing," said Safavi.

But when she found out the perfume whose proceeds go toward Breast Cancer Research may contain ingredients that cause cancer, the fragrance turned fowl.

"It's quite contradicting," Safavi said.

Karuna Jagger is the executive director of Breast Cancer Action, a non-profit group that promotes education and does not fundraise. She had some concerns about Promise Me after it debuted earlier this year, so she had it tested.

"It contains a number of chemicals of concern that are not listed on the ingredients," Jagger said.

The tests found the perfume contained a several ingredients linked to cancer. She immediately took her findings to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

"I let them know what chemicals were found and they responded in a confusing way," said Jagger. "On one hand they said they test their ingredients, and on the other they said they are working with the manufacturer to reformulate the perfume to eliminate any doubts."

The original formula of Promise Me is currently on store shelves nationwide at big stores like J.C. Penney, Dillards, and Lord and Taylor but Breast Cancer Action wants the fragrance pulled from shelves immediately.

"In a situation where not enough is known about what is putting women at risk, and why so many women are getting breast cancer and dying of breast cancer. We feel that every precaution should be taken," said Jagger.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation did not return phone calls asking about the chemicals in the perfume.

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