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Peaceful Protesters Take To Sacramento Streets For Seventh Night, ACLU Demands Curfew Be Lifted

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — On the seventh night of protests in Sacramento, crowds gathered in Midtown Thursday as part of the continued call for justice.

It's been nearly a week since the start of Sacramento's protests against police brutality. It's also the fourth night of the citywide 8 p.m. curfew. The restrictions are beginning to frustrate demonstrators.

"I think it's un-American. Of course, its freedom of speech that goes without question," Julian Shorter, who's been a part of the peaceful protests since the beginning, said.

Around 10 p.m. Thursday, CBS13 reporter Laura Haefeli witnessed at least four people get arrested about a block from Cesar Chavez Plaza. There was a large police presence with one paddy wagon, approximately five police vehicles, and about 15 officers.

One woman said she was on her way home from work, but police put her in handcuffs as well.

After arresting at least four people, the scene quickly cleared.

After a chaotic weekend, Sacramento placed the curfew on the city Monday. The ACLU, representing Black Lives Matter Sacramento, has now sent a letter to the City of Sacramento, requesting the city "rescind or substantially restrict the curfew order." The ACLU claims the curfew violates demonstrators' right to protest.

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Stevante Clark, brother of Stephon Clark who was killed by Sacramento police in 2018, has been leading peaceful demonstrations across the city and says they are doing it the right way.

"Us as a city, Sacramento has shown the world how to get it together we have led an example of how to lead," Clark said. "Let us be. We are peaceful. We don't wanna hurt nobody."

Despite the calm, Clark says, "they're treating the capital of California, the fifth-largest economy in the world, like it's a war zone. This is not a war zone. These people are unarmed."

Wednesday marked the first night since last Friday that the city did not make a single arrest related to these demonstrations.

The peaceful protests continued Thursday. Something we've seen over the course of this week is several smaller protest groups beginning their day in different parts of the city then marching toward Cesar Chavez Plaza where they ultimately converge to form a larger demonstration.

A protest led by Sacramento's LGBT community started in midtown Thursday. They say they know how important it is to show up for this moment.

"The movement that's happening is going to need to be supported by every community organization out there," Andrew Crotto said. "We are here to lend our support to end racial inequality in America."

The City of Sacramento said the curfew will remain in place until at least Sunday night.

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