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Parents Could Face Charges For Wild Yuba City After-Prom Party

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — Parents are facing charges after a prom after-party for more than 300 underage students with alcohol and a stripper pole.

CBS13 went to one of the suspects to find out more about the allegations from the party that sent four to the hospital.

Booze, and then badges—photos tagged online from what was said to be a massive party at Yuba City's Red Dog Ranch.

We found ranch owner Rick Lee on his tractor on Friday, not wanting to talk. He and his wife Dawn are accused of hosting the massive prom rager, complete with a stripper pole and upwards of 300 underage high schoolers drinking booze.

REPORTER: Can we just ask you what happened, or how you feel about these charges, or anything like that?

LEE: I don't think so.

REPORTER: Why not?

LEE: Because my lawyer has instructed me to be quiet.

Sutter County Sheriff's Capt. Lewis McElfresh says the couple facilitated the party for students after the Sutter Union and River Valley High schools' proms, which were scheduled for the same night.

"We determined that there was in fact an after-prom party," he said. "It was planned for this location."

When deputies arrived, they found four people unconscious. They were rushed to the hospital for alcohol-related illnesses.

His office is now recommending possible felony charges against the couple, including child endangerment.

"My concern is too many parents wanting to facilitate alcohol parties and their theory is at least they're at my house, I know what they're doing, but you can't control it," McElfresh said.

Chloe Heape, 16, lives next door. She didn't attend the party, but knows all about it, and at her age knows this:

"You could easily get sued for that," she said, "and if someone would have died it would have been really bad."

Teens CBS13 spoke to said there was a $5 charge to attend or park at the party. Deputies would not confirm this.

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