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Pandemic Party Foul In South Sacramento Caught On Snapchat

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A pandemic party has public health authorities on edge and police investigating.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, dozens of mask-less people are seen gathered at what looks like an indoor party in a Snapchat video posted publically over the weekend.

"It's kind of hit the trifecta for things you don't want to be doing. Not wearing a mask, not social distancing, and drinking, which decreases your inhibitions. It's likely to be a super-spreader event," Dr. Peter Beilenson, Director of Sacramento County Department of Health Services, said.

The lack of masks may not be the worst of it. Snapchat's "geo-tag" Maps feature shows the party in the 6800 block of Fruitridge Road, the same area Sacramento police responded to early Saturday morning after they say two people were shot. The Sacramento Police Department is now looking to see if the video is related to the shooting.

"I don't find it safe for anybody. People still not wearing a mask and they're supposed to be wearing masks," Ursula, a business owner on Fruitridge Road, said.

Dr. Beilenson said with less than 80 ICU beds left in Sacramento County the party could be devastating.

"We've been seeing a lot of this as pandemic fatigue sets in but at the very least you should not have large gatherings and certainly not indoors," Beilenson said. "If you get 20/30/40 people hospitalized that can push us over the limit."

CBS13 asked Dr. Beilenson if contact tracing would be possible. He says based on how many people seemed to be at this party, it would be very difficult but asks anyone who may have attended the event to get tested.

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