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One Northern California city is now home to Tesla's 50,000th supercharger

Tesla reaches green energy milestone in Roseville
Tesla reaches green energy milestone in Roseville 01:42

ROSEVILLE — Roseville is now home to a big green energy milestone. Tesla has placed its 50,000th supercharger in the city and it's hard to miss.

In a Roseville parking lot, a ruby red charger stands out — and it should. It represents a major milestone for Tesla.

"So exciting that the 50,000th charger was installed right here," said Erin Frye, with Roseville Electric.

Frye said she isn't sure why Tesla chose Roseville, but the city is happy to have it.

"I think it just shows the tremendous amount of growth in the EV market as a whole and what businesses not only here in Roseville but throughout the region and country are doing to support that electric vehicle adoption," Frye said.

Tesla now has more than 50,000 superchargers, and multiple other car companies have now signed on to access them including Ford, GM, Rivian, Volvo, Polestar, Mercedes, Nissan, Honda, and Jaguar.

"The cars are on the market," Frye said. "They're getting more popular."

Frye added, "Having this infrastructure and charging in place where you go to shop, where you park your vehicle at night, so the charging is available and the convenience is key in making it successful."

This isn't Roseville's first foray into green energy. The city recently unveiled a way they're converting wastewater into methane to power their waste collection fleet.

"It's a direct substitute for diesel or gas," Devin Whittington, assistant utility director for the city, said in May. "We convert it to what they call a diesel gallon equivalent, and the plan will produce up to 1,000 gallons per day."

So while this new charger may be red, it's a sign of a green future in Roseville.

The charger is located in the Living Spaces parking lot, near Topgolf, off Freedom Way in Roseville.  

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