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Officer's Selfie Helps Woman Get Her Purse Back From Uber Driver

SEATTLE (CBS13) - An Uber driver quickly changed his mind about giving a woman her purse back after he checked his messages and saw a rather imposing selfie.

Back on Sunday, Seattle police say a woman called officers distraught that she had to catch a flight soon but didn't have her ID. She had apparently left her purse in an Uber.

She told police that she called the Uber driver, offering to pay his fare, if he would come back and drop off her purse.

She says the driver refused the offer and instead demanded more money.

The woman then called police for help. Officer Eric Michl found a quick and easy way to help: He called the driver, left a voicemail, then sent a text telling the driver he faces being arrested - and his car being impounded - if he didn't come back and give the woman back her purse.

Michl then sent the driver a selfie to prove he was a police officer.

This was the selfie Officer Michl sent to the Uber driver. (Credit: Seattle Police)

The driver apparently had a quick change of heart, because he quickly came back and gave the woman back her purse after the officer sent the selfie.

For his part, the Uber driver claimed he was busy doing other fares.

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