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Police: Man shot by police after DOCO parking garage standoff identified as Cleavon Miles

Investigation continues after armed man shot by police at DOCO parking garage
Investigation continues after armed man shot by police at DOCO parking garage 03:13

SACRAMENTO - Police say were justified in using lethal force to stop a man who allegedly shot at officers in downtown Sacramento. 

According to the Sacramento Police Department, at around 1 a.m. Tuesday, police received the call of a man with a gun in an elevator of the DOCO area. It happened after the Jonas Brothers concert at nearby G1C had ended. Stagehands were told they couldn't access their cars in the parking garage because of an active shooter barricaded inside.

The man waved a gun from the rooftop of the parking garage next to Macy's in the 300 block of L Street. 

doco gun garage guy

The area was closed off as an armored vehicle with SWAT personnel and crisis negotiators arrived to try and peacefully resolve the situation, Sacramento police say.  The gunman allegedly pointed his weapon at officers, and, at times, shot at them during their talks, before one single gunshot just before 5 a.m. At 5:46 a.m., police stated that an officer-involved shooting had occurred in connection to the earlier incident. CBS13 later confirmed that the man had been shot and killed.

"When someone displays a handgun at officers our attempt is to stop the threat," said a Sacramento Police Department public information officer.

During the morning, some people were escorted to their cars by police, while others are still waiting to get to their cars. 

"It really was like a movie. We were all standing in front of the building, one, because wanted to see what was going on and trying to ask the police officers, 'Are we going to be able to leave soon?'" said witness Luis Ramirez. "But they said it was going to be a long wait because they had to get people out here to help them out."

Ramirez said he saw the suspect hiding in the stairwell of the building, which may have complicated the situation.

Police say that no officers were injured during the standoff. The alleged shooter has been identified by the county coroner's office as 36-year-old Cleavon Donnell Miles.

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