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Notes Of Hope Aimed At Preventing Suicides On California's Tallest Bridge

AUBURN (CBS13) – The scenic Foresthill Bridge overlooking Auburn has sadly become the end of the road for so many.

Since 1971, there have been 87 suicides.

"I've been there, I've been depressed. My husband struggles with it every day," Brittney Hendricks said.

Hendricks and her husband, a former combat veteran, have a local tattoo shop and say suicide is a part of their lives.

"Tattoos are very meaningful to people and a lot of those tattoos that are memorial pieces, quite a few of them are people who committed suicide," Hendricks said.

Which is why they strung hundreds of small, colorful, zip tied messages of inspiration along the bridge's highest point to help bring others hope.

It all came from the inspiring story of a young English girl who police credit for saving six lives.

And the response has been tremendous.

"How can you not be supported and feel hope from seeing all of this out here, it's just great," said Colfax resident Leo Conley.

Brittney wants the words to bring life to those feeling so hopeless.

"There's people who care you don't even know you, so why not?" Hendricks said. "It's a reason to stop. That's what I want for them to stop and rethink because I think if most people [would] take the time to rethink their decision to jump, maybe they won't."

The couple was given permission by the county to put up the messages.

As long as the messages are weatherproof and strapped on, you're welcome to bring your own inspirational message.

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