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Neighbors Disturbed After Body Discovered In Manure Pile At Dairy Farm

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Deputies are investigating after a man's body was found in a pile of manure at a dairy farm outside Galt.

Deputies describe the discovery as suspicious. A spokesperson for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office said a worker at the farm discovered the body when they were moving manure around. The investigation is still very broad at this point.

"We're not able to tell at this point if it was accidental or if this is a homicide investigation," said Sacramento County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Tess Deterding.

Deterding said the body has been identified is a missing person from another county. There was no visible trauma found on the body.

But the mystery is far from over. People want to know what happened to this man and how did he got there

"There's certainly that worry or fear, or jump to the conclusion, that this body was possibly dumped there and killed somewhere else," Deterding said.

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Owners of the dairy farm said he was not one of their employees.

Jerry Friend is one of the closest neighbors to this farm. He calls the situation scary.

"I was just thinking 'Wow, that's really strange.' This doesn't happen," he said.

Friend said the area has been a popular dumping grounds in the past, but never for a body

"People dump trash on the side of the road. We had a problem with people dumping stuff at the cemetery. You know, full cars and RV's," Friend said.

The name of the man found is not being released until the coroner notifies his family.

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