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California National Guard Sets Up Around Downtown Sacramento Ahead Of Potential Unrest

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - It's an unusual sight to see in downtown Sacramento with the California National Guard set up for the next several days ahead of any potential unrest.

Trucks and guard members are scattered all around the area to protect government buildings.

"I've never seen the Capitol with this level of security before," said Timothy Dellavan. To him, the number of military mixed in among the ordinary was significant.

Saturday was the first day 1,000 California national guardsmen deployed around the capital city.

"It feels weird, it's definitely uncommon," said Mike Juliano, who walked around the downtown area in awe.

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This extra security comes as the start of several days of potential unrest, and the FBI referencing a threat they call credible, saying capital cities may be targets.

"We're going to have enough California National Guard, Highway Patrol and local law enforcement assets to ensure the safety of the community," said Mark Pazin, the CAL OES Law Enforcement Branch Chief.

Law enforcement from across the area, including Sacramento Police, are working together to secure government buildings and keep everyone safe. Many people are thankful the state is prepared for the worst, but still hoping for the best.

"Somewhat delusionally hoping we're over-prepared," Claire Schwimmer from Sacramento said. "But given everything that happened last week, there's always a chance."

The CHP can be seen on the steps of the Capitol, and have been heavily present at the building over the last week. A new six-foot fence was put up in response to any possible violence, as well.

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There were no demonstrations downtown Saturday.

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