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Mom Gets 'Lecture' Online After Child Eats A PB&J In Shopping Cart

CBS Local -- A mother in Target says she let her toddler eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the shopping cart during the trip. It doesn't sound like a crime, however, the parent has now been shamed online and accused of not caring about peanut allergies.

After sharing her story with the New York-based parenting forum UrbanBaby, in which the mom describes being stopped by another woman and criticized for her daughter's snack, a faceless mob chimed in with a wave of nasty comments directed at the parent.

"Your total disdain for the safety of other kids is awful. Feeding your kid a PB&J in a Target shopping cart is the epitome of low brow," one person commented.

"You're the worst kind of person. Just understand that raising a child with an I don't care about others attitude," an anonymous voice added.

"That is disgusting! Your problem is much bigger than the peanut butter!"

Many other comments warned the scolded parent that the peanut butter could end up sickening or even killing another child with peanut allergies. Only a small portion of the people entering the decision took the opposing view that shoppers should take it upon themselves to wipe down a shopping cart before using it.

A 2011 study made the case that wiping down carts was always necessary after finding 72 percent of carts tested positive for fecal bacteria.

The CDC reports that between four and six percent of children in the U.S. have a food allergy. "Many of these patients need to carry an EpiPen, which contains the drug epinephrine that acts quickly to open the airway, letting the patient breathe," Dr. Alisa Muniz Crim explained, via CBS News.

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