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Man Shows Up At Turlock Home Asking For Girl's DNA

TURLOCK (CBS13) — Lauren Hassett and her neighbors are on high alert after a man showed up to her Turlock home asking for her daughter's DNA.

"He said that he was with AMBER alert that he needed to finish her DNA file, so he needed fingerprints and five strands of her hair," Hassett explained.

What was even more alarming she says was that the man didn't even go to her front door.

"He came to my back gate he asked for my daughter by her nickname, and so that was the first red flag," she said.

CBS13 found similar incidents were reported in Nashville where police warned families over the summer about a possible child safety kit scheme. There, the department was receiving reports of people calling, even going door to door, asking for children's personal information.

"It was upsetting for me. I was worried for her a lot actually," said Leroy Hagan, a neighbor.

Hagan says he got a text from Hassett immediately after the incident.

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"She told him, she said, 'I didn't sign up for anything like this,' you know, it was obviously a scam," he said.

CBS13 reached out to The Turlock Police Department and learned officers did respond following Hassett's report to police.  Officers checked the area but by the time police arrived, he man left.

Police say it's important to report any type of suspicious activity right away and if you didn't ask for services or for someone to show up to your home, don't even respond.

Hassett has no idea why the man came to her house but hopes by sharing what happened spread awareness.

"Really trust your gut, I mean these are our kids and we have to watch out for them take care of," she said.

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