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CHP Officer Honored For Saving Man From Whirlpool While Off-Duty

MADERA COUNTY (CBS13) — A California Highway Patrol officer is being honored for his quick thinking in helping save a life at Madera County's Angel Falls.

About a week ago, a 24-year-old man became trapped in a whirlpool while trying to cross a creek.

That's when Officer Brent Donley - who was off duty - came to the rescue.

"I learned a lot from the Fresno County Sheriff's Department as far as swift water rescue goes," Donley said.

Donley tied a strap from his backpack around a tree, then went in to rescue the man.

"I'm always asking questions and trying to learn new things," Donley said.

The Madera County Sheriff's Department presented Donley with a plaque to acknowledge his good deed.

His family says they're not all surprised he risked his life to save another.

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