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Los Angeles Pipe Burst A Reminder Of Aging Water Infrastructure In Central Valley

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After a water main break that flooded part of the UCLA campus, Sacramento leaders are saying the same threat exists in Northern California because many aging water pipes are exposed.

Los Angeles city leaders say the 8 million gallons of lost water that could have supplied more than 100,00 0people for a day.

Max Greenberg of the Trenchless Company in Sacramento works with municipalities in California and Nevada to inspect and upgrade water mains and sewer lines.

"Our infrasture is aged and beyond it's life expectancy," he said.

He says in many central valley cities, the ticking bomb of corroding water pipes are barely holding back the pressure of time.

Sacramento is trying to avoid the disaster, spending more than $340 million to replace outdated water mains, meters, sewer lines and water storage facilities.

But other cash-strapped cities may not be so lucky.

"It's probably been pretty tough on the municipalities with budget cuts to stay ahead," Greenberg said.

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