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Couple Rescues Kittens Left For Dead At Lodi Dump

LODI (CBS13) — They were left for dead at a Lodi dump, but three kittens are now recovering nicely after being rescued by Good Samaritans. The kittens were found barely alive inside a pile of garbage at Central Valley Waste Services.

Jerry Glenn Hitchcock said, "There was no doubt. We were not going to leave those cats there."

Nursing back to health after being left to die, three kittens found in Lodi are now in good hands, but just days ago the newborns were thrown out like trash and discovered by Susan and Jerry Glenn Hitchcock.

"'I looked down and went, 'oh my gosh here's another one,'" said Susan, "I see a little patch about that big, black. They were barely moving around and not a peep out of them."

The Hitchcock's said the kittens were dumped inside some hay and grass clippings.

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"I believe that the good Lord put us there for a reason at that time and that place for a reason," said Jerry Glenn.

The couple has cat allergies themselves, so they reached out to the community and quickly found someone to step in to take care of the kittens.

"It's like taking care of a newborn baby. You have to get up all hours of the night," said Second Chance Kitty Director Cheryl Zuniga.

Through the non-profit Second Chance Kitty, the kittens will eventually be placed into forever homes, but for now, volunteer Edith Dempsey is fostering them.

"All they want to be is loved," said Dempsey, "They're just like us. They have a heartbeat, they have feelings."

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Living, breathing creatures dumped like garbage.

"The person that did something like that is a coward," said Jerry Glenn.

Thanks to their rescuers, the three kittens still have their nine lives to live.

"Most people in this world, they're good people who love animals and would never even consider doing what that person did," said Susan.

Animal advocates want to use what happened to these kittens to serve as a reminder about how important it is to spay and neuter your cats, so no other kittens have to suffer when they can't be taken care of.

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