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Kayte Christensen: Steve Kerr's Epic Mic Drop Silences The Trolls

I'm so sick and tired of former NBA players throwing shade at current players and teams.

You put a microphone in front of someone whose limelight faded years ago and they use that opportunity to trash, bash and thrash active players. I have not heard a single player come out and compliment a player or team that is doing it NOW.

The most recent offender was Rasheed Wallace talking about how his 2004 Detroit Pistons would beat the Warriors (of course) because their defense was just that much better and the No. 1 defensive team in the league in 2017 is NOT actually good at defense.

Seriously, I don't even want to waste the key strokes on just how moronic and idiotic that take is.

Then there was Scottie Pippen on how he would shut down Stephen Curry. Not only is that a direct blow to Curry but it should be taken as a personal affront by every defender that has taken Curry on since he stepped on an NBA court.

Wait there is more!! Magic Johnson and Julius Erving also joined hater nation. According to Magic the Showtime Lakers of the 1980s would sweep the Warriors. Yep...sweep.


Erving actually was very complimentary of the Warriors and what they've been able to do but in the end he claimed his 1983 Philadelphia 76ers title team would beat this current Golden State team. Saying how great the Warriors are is nice and all and actually got one over on me for a moment. But it turns out it was really just self-congratulatory when you cap it off by saying that they would fall to your title team.

Of all the players that have been asked about players of yesteryear throwing shade the best response that has been given and the best that EVER will be given came from Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

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