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Local Reaction To Judge Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Reaction came down quickly from both sides after Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation to the United States Supreme Court Saturday afternoon.

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris released a statement reading in part:

"Senate Republicans used raw power to push an unfit nominee onto the Supreme Court when the American people have more questions than answers about Judge Kavanaugh's suitability to serve"

California 4th District Republican Congressman, Tom McClintock also released a statement, reading:

"This is a momentous and joyous day for the Constitution and for the rule of law. Despite the mockery that Senate Democrats made of the confirmation process and their grotesque accusations against Judge Kavanaugh -- that were not only entirely unsubstantiated but overwhelmingly contradicted by the evidence -- our American principles of justice and fairness prevailed.   Justice Kavanaugh's record of upholding and defending the Constitution as written – whatever the political implications – will be a welcome addition to the Supreme Court.

The true nature of the left was on full display for the nation to see during these proceedings, and the American people are right to be repulsed and alarmed by it.  Hopefully, this will be a turning point not only for the Supreme Court but for the entire nation. "

McClintock went on to accuse Senate Democrats of making a mockery of the confirmation process and calling their accusations against Judge Kavanaugh "grotesque"

Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee.

Members of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence told CBS 13 Kavanaugh's confirmation was a setback for victims of sexual assault.

"It just sends quite a devastating signal to those who are willing to tell their stories and have the process still culminate in something where they feel like they weren't believed," said Jacquie Marroquin, who serves as Director of Programs for the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence.

CBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich says Kavanaugh's confirmation will tip the balance of the court in favor of conservatives. That could have a ripple effect for decades to come, even impacting decisions of lower courts. He says Kavanaugh's confirmation could also impact the midterm elections.

"Who's base does this most energize?" Dietrich said. "Does it rile up Democrats because, 'That's it! This is the last straw for Trump. Or conversely, or coincidentally, does this also get Republicans excited about the fact...'Hey, another win for us'"

Dietrich says both parties will be looking to increase voter turnout for the midterms in November.

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