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Isleton Police Chief Placed On Leave Over Facebook Posts

ISLETON (CBS13) – Isleton Police Chief Steven Adams has been placed on paid administrative leave after posting on Facebook about setting up a press conference with the media about the department's problems, but the chief would never get that chance.

Isleton City Manager Dan Hinrichs put Adams on leave and shut down the department before Adams could speak out.

"He came in yelling at me and telling me to get out of the police department now," said Police Chief Steven Adams.

Adams says it's the first time in his 32-year career as a law enforcement officer that he's ever been placed on paid leave.

"[I feel] confused, frustrated, I didn't know what to feel," said Adams.

And, the city manager wouldn't elaborate on why Adams was put on leave, only saying he did it after receiving complaints from the public. However, Adams doesn't believe that's the case.

"No, I don't believe that because I've had nothing but support from the public," said Adams.

Instead, the chief believes he's the target of city leaders that are unhappy that he's so vocal about the department's troubles.

Among the chief's complaints is that three of the state-required certifications the officers must pass have expired and the city allegedly refuses to pay for it.

The city manager shut down the department Wednesday because of the lapsed certifications, but admits he knew about it three weeks ago.

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