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Homeless Advocates Say Governor's Plan To Protect Homeless Is Form of Protection Needed

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the health crisis continues to unravel across the state, there's a new program aimed at protecting California's homeless and it's already happening in Sacramento.

Governor Gavin Newsom stood in front of a building Friday afternoon where 30 people who were once on the streets are now staying.

"It's all around making sure that we address the most vulnerable Californians with the kind of acuity and focus that is required of this moment," Governor Newsom said.

Working with FEMA, the state has secured roughly 7,000 hotel rooms that will be used as housing during this crisis for the homeless. The goal is to get 15,000.

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"Where am I going to get my next meal? Where am I going to sleep tonight? Am I going to be able to get through the night safely?" said Executive Director Noel Kammermann of Sacramento Loaves and Fishes as he described the concerns of the homeless community.

He believes the governor's announcement is a step in the right direction but says plans should have been in place sooner.

Kammermann does feel that the new initiative is a vital form of protection that many people that are homeless don't have and that is a safe place to isolate.

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"This is, I suppose, a way to strike while the iron is hot where we need to do this. We need to provide people a means to self-isolate so that they can get through the current pandemic in as safe a manner as possible,' Kammerman said.

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