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High cost of eggs force consumers to look to local sources

Consumers look locally amid rising egg prices
Consumers look locally amid rising egg prices 02:02

ORANGEVALE — The price of eggs is higher than they have ever been before. The higher cost is causing more people to buy their eggs from local sources.

Last year, consumers saw the average price for eggs shoot up by nearly 60%, according to the Consumer Price Index.

Industry experts believe it is largely due to a historic Avian flu outbreak that killed millions of birds across the country.

Fewer chickens mean fewer eggs, which caused a massive shortage and drove up prices. Experts also believe the cost of feed and transportation is also a factor for higher prices.

Now, some local egg farmers are seeing an uptick in customers. Local farmers we spoke to said they pride themselves on their lower prices and higher-quality eggs.

Colleen Castro, a local egg farmer in Orangevale, was forced to create a waitlist for her customers

"I actually had a couple people reach out online. Some of them have come for tours and bought eggs before and asked, 'Do you have any eggs?', and I was like, 'I have a waiting list.' So, I'll do my best and they were like, 'I'll go check with somebody else,' " Castro said.

Egg production cost is dependent on several factors including weather, cost of feed, cost of transportation and the outcome of this year's Avian Flu outbreak. Experts say it's hard to tell when prices will go back down.  

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