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Former Call Girl 'Blown Away' That District Attorney Considered Arson Suspect

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — The former call girl at the center of a sex scandal that may have led to the Sutter County district attorney to step down is speaking out.

Carl Adams announced he's retiring on Tuesday, just a couple of months after an arson investigation brought their affair to light.

Sarah Garibay admits she's a former call girl who had a racy relationship with Adams.

"It wasn't just a one night stand," she said. "There was a time when I was a homewrecker."

Adams and several other men are the focus of a criminal investigation. Yuba City detectives say someone set fire to Garibay's home on South Pointe Drive in July.

"Jealousy is a natural emotion," Garibay said. "I led him to believe he was the only one."

She says police are targeting the district attorney as a suspect, because he's a former lover, and had sent text messages to Garibay saying he was jealous of the other men in her life.

But she doesn't believe Adams is involved in the arson.

"When the detectives told me, I was blown away," she said.

Adams didn't want to talk about the arson investigation, or his extramarital affair.

He says he's now resigning as Sutter County's top prosecutor to spend more time with his wife. He hopes the sex scandal won't taint his career in public service.

"Looking back over my career, I want people to remember the 31 years that I've sat in this office," he said.

Garibay says she was able to seduce the prominent district attorney by contacting him on Facebook, and asking if they could meet in person.

"It was a friendship. It crossed the line a few times," she said. "I couldn't get enough sex partners. Couldn't have it enough."

But did the former call girl charge Adams for any of her services?

"No he never ever exchanged any money with me," she said. "I pursued him. I've always had a thing for older men. That was what was behind it."

Garibay also admitted she was having affairs with two other men in addition to Adams when her home was set on fire.

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