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"It's about bringing that joy": Folsom light show lifts spirits for a good cause

Folsom light show lifts spirits for a good cause
Folsom light show lifts spirits for a good cause 02:10

FOLSOM — A light show in Folsom is lifting spirits with some hyped-up holiday fun that's all for a good cause.

One busy elf delivers low snow and a dazzling display on Thurman Way that's sure to leave you on sensory overload.

This Folsom light show is not only powered with loads of holiday fun but a philanthropic mission, too.

"It's supporting a good cause. It's called Folsom's Hope. It's a local organization in our school districts that helps students with after-school care, you know, any issues they're having with family life," said Tyler Pepper, the neighborhood Christmas coordinator.

Perry, also known as "Santa's helper," is the brains behind the showstopping scene.

"The goal this year was to basically recreate an indoor ski lodge," Pepper said. "So we have ski lifts hanging from the trees. We have the ski lift bench."

Pepper's creations have cultivated a growing Christmas crowd over the years. He's driven around town with Santa on top of his car. He's hosted some front yard festivities and taken his talents to the Folsom Ice Rink.

But this year's holiday happiness is at home.

"There's multiple photo spots bringing the community together because who doesn't like Christmas lights? Who doesn't? I mean c'mon! Everyone does," Pepper said.

And the hope is that for every cup of hot cocoa, marshmallow roasted and photo snapped along the way, visitors will donate to Folsom's Hope and use this season of giving to pay it forward with their own acts of kindness.

"It's about the decorations, it's about having fun, but it's also about bringing that joy to those kids," Pepper said. "If they had fun, that's the goal."

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